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True Costs and Benefits of a Room Addition

The cost of a project is many times what holds back many homeowners from adding space to their existing home or designing a new one. Materials and Labor are the two major factors can drive the costs up or down. Materials typically consist of plywood, counter tops, sinks, electric fixtures and everything else that the builder uses to deliver the finished home. Likewise, labor cost is incurred when hiring a contractor to perform the building of the home or addition. In order to come up with an educated guess for the actual cost, we recommend you take the following into account.

Size: How large will your addition be? Average costs per square foot in the Los Angeles area currently range from $100 to $150 per square foot before considering plumbing and electrical fixtures. Similarly, the cost of a professional designer to draw your plans, such as Das Haus Design, will be typically be just between 5% to 15% of the final cost.

Fixtures & Finishes: An extra room does not typically require a bathtub, but a bathroom will require a sink, and a toilet and often a showering accommodation. Different tubs and materials can make a difference in the final cost of a bathroom. Similarly, extending an air conditioning vent to the new space and/or replacing your HVAC unit with one that has sufficient power can drive up or down the cost. Consult with your local Das Haus Design specialist to decide whether replacing your HVAC unit is recommended.

Other costs: Other costs to consider can be the paint, the lumber, the flooring and the windows. In the Los Angeles area, it is customary for the contractor to prepare a detailed estimate addressing these costs. These reports will include typically include labor, clean up and removal services.

To sum up, a newly designed custom home or an addition is a great investment once all the factors are put into place. The investment can pay off greatly by increasing the value of your home, adding comfort and convenience, or even converting the newly acquired space into rental income.

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