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Your home is your most personal and precious space. Since no two families are alike why should your home be? A home should reflect our individual personalities and needs. For this reason, many fortunate homeowners choose to design their own homes in the hopes that this will provide the ultimate level of comfort and daily leisure they deserve.

However, not everyone can design a home on their own. Also, not everyone that can build a home can successfully design a home that meets high expectations.  For example, many homeowners who have had their homes designed by unqualified professionals are stuck with doors that open the wrong way or run into each other. Moreover, once these errors are made they are permanent or at the least very expensive to correct.

For this reason, it is essential to consult with the services of an Architect or a professional designer that knows not to commit these errors from the very beginning of planning. DAS HAUS DESIGN counts with the support of such professionals to ensure your final project will bring many years of joy to you and your family. Call us at (818) 280-9292 for a FREE CONSULTATION.

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