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In need of an extra room for a home office? Are your kids growing up and require more privacy? If not, how would you like an rental income per month per room on your new guest house? ​If you answered yes to any one of the questions above then you should consider adding a room to your existing home. An additional room will not only save you the hassle of moving but will also increase the value of your existing property.

Prombelms with adding an additional space to an existing include that  a house that was not initially designed for the extra space may suffer unquantifiable loss in aesthetics & value. Incidentally, there are many bad construction companies out there which will stick the additional structure into your home without regard for the final outcome.

Das Haus Design counts with a network of professionals that prioritize design and functionality in our room additions. These professionals know the mathematical ratios and have the ability to emulate the look of your existing structure which will likely earn you many compliments from your neighbors. Call us at (818) 280-9292 for a FREE CONSULTATION.

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