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We at DAS HAUS DESIGN believe that everyone should be able to afford personalized professional home design.  We help people maximize their space, increase its value and functionality by bringing innovation and design to the most precious space of all, your home

Customized Homes

Your home is your most personal and precious space. Since no two families are alike why should your home be? A home should reflect our individual personalities and needs. For this reason, many fortunate homeowners choose DAS HAUS DESIGN...(Read more) 

Room Additions

In need of an extra room for a home office? Are your kids growing up and require more privacy? If not, how would you like an rent as montly income per room on your new guest house? ​If you answered yes to any one of the questions above then you should consider adding a room to your existing home. (Read more)



Physical things get old and every so often require attention and/or replacement. Just like an old car with mileage on it, a home can also accumulate years. The issues arising from the passage of time not only create inconveniences around the house but it also takes a heavy toll on the home's value. Also, (Read more)

Drafting Services

Do you own an older property that with missing blueprints? Do you have older paper blueprints but need the digitalized? Are you a drafting professional looking for a helping hand? If you answered yes to any one of those questions (Read more)

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